Machine Shop

Midland Engine Machine Shop

At Midland Engine, Inc., we are proud to boast an impressive, on-site machine shop, complete with the latest in machining equipment. This allows us to handle all of our own machining requirements, along with providing machining services for our customers, as well.

When normal wear or failure of equipment makes an engine-rebuild necessary, Midland Engine is capable of handling the entire overhaul process. Our customers can rest assured that all engine components are inspected and machined as needed to “like new” specifications. In addition, worn components are not exchanged for expensive, factory rebuilt components, but rather, all cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and connecting rods are rebuilt in-house by our expert machinists. Final assembly of overhauled engines is performed in our Clean Room to  ensure long engine life. By rebuilding as much of the original engine’s parts as possible, our customers are provided with an engine work history that is irrefutable. This type of rebuild record can potentially enhance a machine’s resale value.

In terms of our equipment and services, Midland Engine is home to an AMC Crankshaft Grinder, which can accommodate a crankshaft up to nine feet in length. We also boast a state-of-the-art SERDI Valve Seat and Guide Machine for cylinder head reconditioning. Our Boring Mill can bore and resurface blocks up to 100” long, and our Line Boring Machine can bore blocks up to 100” long. We also perform magnetic crack detection, connecting rod reconditioning, and all types of resurfacing.

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